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Guide to Open Meetings Collaboration

1. Joining a Meeting

Under Quick Actions if available “Join Chat Room” will enter you into the meeting in progress.

The first individual to join has moderator status.

2. Audio

Open Meetings currently supports audio, please select “Audio Only” from the first drop down menu.

The second drop down will list any microphones found, please select as appropriate for your computer.

3. User Control

The moderator of the room may change permissions for users. These include screen sharing, whiteboard use, remote use of screen sharing, granting moderator privileges and the ability to kick users. These are displayed via the check marks in the image to the right. Mousing over an icon will give you a brief description of the function.

4. The Chat Box

The chat box feature allows users to communicate via text. To use this feature, enter dialog into the available window and press enter or click send when finished. This will display it in the main chat feed, along with your name and profile image. Additional options include adding emoticons and show/copy the current chat log. Depending on user level, you may also be able to clear the log. Be careful as once done this is not recoverable.

5. Uploading Files for Sharing

  • To start, click on the “Files” button in the upper left hand corner of the screen. This brings up the drop down item “File Upload”.
  • Clicking the “Files” button will switch you from the “Users” view.
  • Here you can:
  • Add a file.
  • Add a folder.
  • View/select files currently in the system.

Open a document for sharing by double clicking it.

Once you have selected a document:

  • In this view, you have opened a document to share via the whiteboard. In addition to sharing options, you may view the individual pages of the presentation.
  • To load the presentation to the whiteboard, simply click where indicated. The icons above allow you to save the original document or export it as a PDF.
  • The other major function of the properties bar is navigating through the shared document. The arrows in the bottom right function to navigate forward, backwards as well as skipping to the first or last page.

The image below shows the “Properties” bar. This will allow you to change the width and height of the sharing area.

6. Whiteboard Functions

  • Clear Whiteboard-Clears all content.
  • Clear Objects on current slide only.
  • Save and export whiteboard.
  • Undo last change.
  • Select an object.
  • Pointer(marks location with beacon and name).
  • Add text.
  • Paint(freehand draw)
  • Draw line.
  • Draw underline.
  • Add rectangle.
  • Add ellipse.
  • Draw arrow.
  • Select & add clipart.

7. Screen Sharing & Recording

  • To start sharing a screen or record a presentation, click the Share/Record screen button in the upper right corner.
  • This will prompt you with a download, select “Open with: Java(TM) Web Start Launcher” and click OK.
  • Depending on your system settings, there may be additional security prompts to accept.
  • Once you have successfully downloaded the launcher, you will be prompted with the screen below.
  • This allows you to do the following:
    • Select screen area: Set the size of the window you wish to share.
  • Start sharing.
  • Pause sharing.
  • Set share quality.
  • Start recording presentation.
  • Pause recording.
  • Stop sharing(Exit sharing application).

8. Using the Actions Menu

  • The actions menu contains a number of shortcuts as well as features not covered elsewhere. From the actions menu you can:
  • Invite users to the meeting via email.
  • Jump to the Share/Record screen.
  • Adjust your audio/video settings.
  • Adjust whiteboard settings(moderators only)
  • Create a poll.
  • Vote on a poll.
  • Adjust default settings(moderators only).

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